A Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada

Many know me as the creator and producer of the well received art blog 'A Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada'.

'The Portrait' is dedicated to the memory of Joan Riley, a dear Christian friend who gave me her collection of art supplies before cancer took her home. Ron Morrison, a watercolourist from Courtney, BC planted the seed for me to become an art blogger and this was followed by Maureen Bayliss later joined me as editor, adviser and friend.

'The Portrait' is quite possibly Canada's foremost art blog, getting about a half million hits a year.

It began as my personal blog presenting my paintings, but expanded to included friends, and as it developed I slowly withdrew from its focal centre, leaving only a few traces of myself found on pageviews and on a link to my art gallery, and in The Portrait's url address.

The blog has had its bumps in its lifetime and some surprises.  I have been fighting cancer throughout its life and on two occasions, when it seemed that I was sliding out of the life game, I unwittingly released 2 end of end of publication articles. Fortunately these were pulled back and the blog continues to sail along.

The blog continues to gallop merrily along, and is approaching its 1,000th entry. It has featured almost 100 Canadian painters and has been reportedly used by students, and artists in Canada and around the world.
I feel most humbled by it all.

The blog has ongoing every-other-day entries. You can visit 'The Portrait' by clicking here.

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